Witness the Remarkable Journey as a Mother Polar Bear Guides Her Cubs in the Art of Swimming

Diving into Adventure: Unforgettable Scene as a Mother Polar Bear Guides Her Cubs in the Art of Swimming.
Wildlife photographer Amos Nachoum captured the precious moment off the coast of north-east Canada.
The bears paid no interest to the photographer and kept swimming above him.
The cubs swam alongside the mother as they took their first strokes and tried out diving beneath the wate.
A veteran explorer and wildlife photographer captured the incredible moment a mother polar bear taught her cubs to swim.

Amos Nachoum, 65, came face to face with the predator while diving off the coast of north-east Canada.
He said: ‘I was just feet away from one of the world’s best predators, I was so excited and thrilled that I had no time or space for fears.

The mother polar bear leads her bubs in a swim in north-east Canada
Nose dive: An inquisitive bear pokes its nose beneath the surface of the water
Taking care: A bear cub appears to swim under the protective paw of its mother
Heading down: A polar bear cub takes the plunge in the icy waters

‘I felt safe, as the bear family did not show any hesitation or change their behavior when they spotted me.

‘I wanted to do this to educate people to protect these beautiful animals and the wilderness they inhabit.

‘I’ve been in the company of ocean giants for 35 years and I have to say this is probably the most inspiring and empowering set of pictures I’ve ever taken.

‘In fact it was the most thrilling moment of my life.’

Amos, who lives in California, attempted to take a similar set of pictures 10 years ago with a single, male polar bear.

Trio: The three bears swam together as photographer Amos Nachoum dived beneath them
Amos Nachoum, 65, dives beneath the family of bears to grab his shots

Unfortunately the bear perceived him as a threat and chased Amos to a depth of 75 feet.

Amos added: ‘I did not do my homework on that occasion and almost paid the ultimate price.

‘This time I was ready.

‘I had studied the bears for 10 years since my last encounter and I was patient – waiting until exactly the right moment before I dived with them.

‘I positioned myself on the path of the family of bears – around 200 yards away and watched them swim towards me.

‘When they were around 20 feet away the female locked eyes with me and I submerged beneath them.

Photographer Amos Nachoum was able to get close to the bears
Photographer Amos Nachoum celebrated by high-fiving a colleague after

‘I was calm throughout as the protective mother realised that I didn’t pose a threat so left me alone – it was magical.’

Amos has previously taken up-close, underwater pictures of Nile crocodiles, anacondas, leopard seals, orcas, great white sharks and grizzly bears.

He made this latest trip in August.

‘For me the challenge comes from how I manage the risk,’ added Amos.

‘The risk comes only when people do not do their homework, when they don’t pay attention to mother nature or are in a rush to make a statement and get bragging rights.

‘Of course there is always a calculated risk when you are swimming with these apex predators.

‘But I study these animals and learn how to do it safely and enjoyably.

‘I always leave myself the option to retreat and would not consider that a defeat.

‘My knowledge and my patience are what keeps me alive.

‘I consider risk and success management – as both of these things help to keep me alive.’

A support team of Inuits, seasoned filmmakers and safety divers joined Amos on the expedition.

‘People should never attempt to do this themselves,’ added the veteran photographer, who has more than 35 years experience.

‘It is very dangerous if you do not know what you are doing.’

Explorer and wildlife photographer Amos Nachoum with the team who helped him shoot a family of polar bears

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