Unveiling the Cultural Canvas: Exploring Street Art Inspired by Enchanting Folk Activities

Step into a world of vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and captivating storytelling as we unveil the cultural canvas of street art inspired by enchanting folk activities. Embarking on this artistic journey, we delve into the heart of communities, where the rich tapestry of traditions and customs comes alive on the walls of city streets.

Each stroke of the brush reveals the deep-rooted connection between the artist and the folk activities that have shaped generations. From traditional dances and festive celebrations to ancient rituals and local craftsmanship, the street art captures the essence of these enchanting practices with an innovative and contemporary twist.

Many visitors who saw me paint it realized I didn’t plan every detail in advance. I had a broad idea in my mind, and then along the way, I googled images of say, different veggies, fish etc and decided on the spot which to add onto the trays. As for the stall selling monitor lizards, frogs, turtles and pythons, I intentionally put it the background and painted in a blurry, indicative manner.

I was afraid some visitors may feel scared by the sight. During the painting, I polled a few visitors, especially children. They all said the scene is not scary, and they can tell they are snakes and lizards, phew! While adding the blood, someone commented, “it’s enough”! I really enjoyed the painting process of having visitors on the spot contribute to the creation of the mural!”


Yip Yew Chong encourages visitors to not only enjoy posing for photos but also to take a closer look at the mural’s intricate details and appreciate them. This mural at 30 Temple Street is now probably the most intricate outdoor mural in Singapore! I tried making the details authentic, balanced with aestheticism and fair representation of the 1970s-80s Chinatown Street Market.

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