Uncover the Incredible Friendship Between Dolphins and Dogs as They Swim Together Every Day

If a dog is man’s best friend, it seems like a dolphin is a dog’s best friend. These two animals are known for being friendly and playful so it just makes sense that they would enjoy each other’s company and engage in games together.

This video shows a dog jumping into the water to play with a dolphin. We’re not sure if he knew that the dolphin was there, ready to make friends, but we’re so glad that it happened. Based on the dog’s reaction, we’re guessing that he was happy about it, too.

The footage begins a bit shaky as the person filming walks down the beach. The dog is already in the water and they hurry over to catch the fun interaction on camera. The dolphin swims in circles around the dog, who paddles in the water. They are less than 20 feet from the shore in shallow water. The dolphin surfaces a couple of times, possibly to get air. It is more likely that he is enjoying the back-and-forth with his puppy friend. Every time the dolphin comes up, the dog makes a beeline for his location.

“Where is he, Cales?” the person asks. The dog has a collar on and is clearly a pet that enjoys going to the beach. While some dogs are hesitant around water, this dog is very comfortable swimming and doesn’t bat an eye at getting close to marine animals like this dolphin.

The dolphin is clearly enjoying the game. He swims in circles around the dog and brushes up against him a couple of times. The dog barks but stays close to the dolphin as well. Both animals are very intelligent and play games often. Dolphins enjoy jumping in the wake of boats and ships, as well as swimming around each other just like this dolphin does with his new canine buddy.

The video ends when it is time for Cales to come in from the water. We can bet that he’ll want to come back to this beach again soon, hopefully for another fun game with his new friend.


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