In a bold response to UFC star Conor McGregor’s derogatory remarks, True Geordie took to Twitter to silence the criticism with a shirtless picture that showcases his remarkable physique. The social media post serves as a powerful reminder that appearances can be deceiving, proving that True Geordie is far from a “fat b******” as McGregor had claimed.

The unexpected display of confidence and fitness has left fans and followers in awe, with many applauding True Geordie’s ability to rise above the negativity and celebrate his own physical transformation.

Twitter beef between UFC legend Conor McGregor and content creator True Geordie (real name Brian Davis) was certainly not on our bingo card for 2023!

True Geordie sends Conor McGregor fight proposal following X-rated rant and  says 'I'll pick him up like a shopping bag' | Flipboard

However, following a video by True Geordie titled ‘Conor McGregor’s worrying interviews,’ in which the popular YouTuber questioned McGregor’s wellbeing, the Notorious responded with a brutal and now deleted voice clip.

And the Irishman did not hold back, hurling some brutal insults True Geordie’s way!

True Geordie vs Conor McGregor beef

McGregor stated in his X-rated voice clip: “Who the f*** are you? You little burn victim-looking thing. F*** me, man, who scolded you with a kettle?”

The Irishman continued: “Keep my name out your mouth you stupid c***. I’m, sick of seeing your fat, burnt face. Fat oestrogen head.”

Some pretty intense insults from the former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion, who gained mass popularity in the company for his bold trash talk.

However, it seems that McGregor’s insults have not fazed True Geordie, with the media personality today posting a topless picture of himself on Twitter, with the caption: “I’ve had so many comments about me being a fat bastard in the last day so enjoy this boys.”

True Geordie’s cheeky tweet comes following his more in-depth response to McGregor, uploaded onto his YouTube channel yesterday.

In the 12-minute response video, True Geordie challenged McGregor to a charity boxing or MMA bout, as seems to be the go-to resolution for YouTuber beef nowadays.

And despite McGregor’s legendary success in the UFC, True Geordie clearly fancies his chances against the Irishman.

Czy będziecie świadkami historii?" - Conor McGregor kusi wizją powrotu |  MMAROCKS

How did True Geordie respond to Conor McGregor’s voice note?

True Geordie boldly claimed: “I would pick Conor McGregor up like a shopping bag with one arm. If you want to do a charity fight, anything, MMA, boxing, I don’t really give a s*** because I’m literally a giant compared to you. I’m more than twice the size of this man.”

Conor McGregor sugeruje przyszłe występy w oktagonie w kategorii średniej |  MMAROCKS

And True Geordie even joked that they could donate the funds raised from the charity bout to “burn victims” following McGregor’s insensitive insult referring to True Geordie as looking like a burn victim.

However, with True Geordie revealing that McGregor has now blocked the content creator on Twitter, we will have to wait and see whether McGregor responds to True Geordie’s invitation to fight.