The transparent shirt costs thousands of dollars and the strangest items in the world

Maison Margiela is known in the fashion world for its unique fashion products such as faceless watches, pillow case bags or unique toe-shaped boots.

Clip presenting the truly unique collection of Martin Margiela This collection is an interesting combination between the “unusual” fashion house Martin Margiela and the well-known brand H&M.
In 2012, the collection of the fashion house Maison Margiela and the famous brand H&M created a sensation. The unique designs are inspired by avant-garde art at a very affordable price. The most unique feature in the collection is the faceless watch model.
Thanks to its unique design, the model was sold on H&M’s official website immediately after the launch of the collection. However, many people have posted information to resell this design for around $40-$75 .
Maison Margiela offers fashionistas impressive designs with a combination of modern technology trends and futuristic fashion inspiration. The unique leg accessory with the use of the phone holder has become an attraction for the viewers.
Explaining creative director John Galliano’s inspiration, the brand shared: “A glimpse into the creative thinking behind the show. It ponders impression, shares personal observations about people. native to the age of technology and the impact of the digital landscape on oneself and work.” .
The collection is made of PVC, polyurethane, plastic film and Perspex – materials used for special light reflection and refraction converted by the phone’s camera flash.
The Tabi boot appeared on the runway of the Maison Margiela fashion house in 1988. The design became one of the brand’s fashion icons. The inspiration for the accessory pattern came from 15th century split-toed Japanese socks, with the big toe sewn separately from the rest. The design has received mixed reviews. Some have commented that the Tabi boot is the ugliest shoe of all time, with a rough split.
Subsequent collections, the fashion house Maison Margiela gradually transformed the Tabi boots to become more relatable, with a variety of colors and materials. The successor creative director – John Galliano – constantly renews the design to suit modern tastes.
The French fashion house also created excitement when it launched a unique pillow-shaped bag in many colors such as nude, red, brown or sweet pink. The price for the accessory model is up to VND 40 million per product.
With an expensive price, this handbag model still gets the love of followers at the Spring Summer 2019 fashion week. .
""Tiet" The Maison Margiela brand presents a unique accessory model inspired by a feather sleeping pillow that wraps around the neck like a piece of jewelry.
The unique accessories have been modified by the French fashion house in white, combining suits of the same tone, same material and attaching more feathers. This is a strange design that resonated in 2018, but experts say it is not very practical, with a price tag of up to thousands of dollars.
""Tiet" The French fashion house follows the trend of transparent suits when it launches designs priced at tens of millions of dong. Unique shirt design made of sheer fabric with white borders. Fashionistas appreciate the product as a little different, and it is listed on the list of the most daring items for men in 2018.
The price of the product is relatively expensive, about 1095 USD (more than 25 million VND). On social networks, many fashionistas expressed interest in handling the material of this design. However, others also expressed concern about the shirt leading to too much body exposure.

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