The young girl caused a fever with a beautiful collection of dresses from vegetables and tubers, the sisters blamed themselves for not having any flowers to do.

Many people feel jealous of her ability to decorate when looking at the girl’s work.

Cooking delicious food is one thing, but decorating dishes beautifully and impressively is an ability that few people have. Even turning cooking ingredients into beautiful decorations that amaze everyone is not easy. The simplest is to prune tomatoes into roses, carrots into flower shapes… also difficult. Yet some people even turn vegetables and tubers into fashionable dresses to watch forever.


Simple green leaves

Recently, a netizen shared a picture of a product that I made myself. This girl wrote: “I cooked rice at noon, got inspired to make a collection of clothes and vegetables for the girls. I made a few pictures, so at noon, I went to the supermarket to buy more vegetables to play with.


Can you imagine the chili dress?

After I finished, I came up with a very good application of this game. Instead of using fresh vegetables, you can also use dried flowers to stick them and make a wall picture, so that I can try it someday and report it to everyone. If you don’t know how to draw, you can download pictures of girls in skirts and print them out.”


The young girl surprised everyone with her ingenuity. The drawings seem to be more vibrant and colorful thanks to the skirt decorated with vegetables, tubers, peppers… With each vegetable, tuber has a different style. Many women feel sorry for themselves because they do not have any skillful hands.

Fennel leaves for a blue dress…



Sweet chili gives the dress a fresh color.


Lemon leaves also contribute to form a work.


Amaranth leaves can also make everything beautiful.

“Looks so artistic, this housewife is clever. Everyone can refer to it this way to display vegetables in the tray of rice, surely everyone must be amazed,” one person said.

Someone said: “Those skillful people make me so ashamed, eating and drinking can never decorate anything beautifully. These ways are not so difficult to show but never know.”

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