The Ultimate Comeback: Conor McGregor’s Path to a UFC Title Shot with Just One Fight

In a potential opportunity of a lifetime, Conor McGregor has been informed that he will be presented with a chance to compete for the UFC welterweight world title if he can emerge victorious against Michael Chandler in their upcoming bout later this year. This exciting prospect adds an extra layer of anticipation to McGregor’s next fight, as fans eagerly await the outcome and the potential implications for his future in the welterweight division.

Conor McGregor could be offered UFC title shot after just one comeback fight  - Mirror Online

The Irishman is making his return to the octagon against Chandler, likely in December, after two years out of action with a broken leg, following two stoppage defeats to Dustin Poirier. And despite having won just once since 2016 and suffering three losses, the Irishman has been told by title contender Colby Covington that if he can dethrone Leon Edwards, he will offer his rival a shot.

Has Time Expired On Conor McGregor's Reign As UFC Lightweight Champion?

Covington has been named as the next challenger to Edwards’ 170lb belt later this year, with their showdown expected in October. And despite Belal Muhammad having already been picked as the next opponent for the winner, the American has promised to give McGregor a chance at an unprecedented third world title should he get the victory.

The Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight is about the green, but also  about black and white

“He’s a great fighter, a history-maker,” Covington told the MSCS Media Podcast . “He’s made history multiple times. Knocking out José Aldo ins six (13) seconds was one of the most incredible things that’s ever happened in the UFC. The things he’s done in the sport, no one’s ever been able to do.

Legitimate questions: Can Conor McGregor write a comeback story in the UFC?  - ESPN

“Conor’s the ultimate showman and he’s the ultimate businessman. I love what Conor’s done. I hope to be able to cross paths with him and fight him someday after I win this world title against Leon ‘Edward scissor hands’ from the UK. That could be my next fight in line. I have nothing but respect and admiration for Conor for what he’s done in this sport. He’s made it possible for every fighter.”

UFC superstar Conor McGregor announces retirement | Arab News

McGregor has already won gold at featherweight and lightweight, dethroning the long-reigning champion Jose Aldo in 2015 before making history by defeating Eddie Alvarez for the 155lb title the following year. He has since struggled with fitness and consistency, and has just one win to his name in the proceeding fights; a 2020 knockout of Donald Cerrone.

Conor McGregor's UFC journey -- Historic success, controversy, star power -  ESPN

He is currently coaching opposite Chandler on this year’s season of The Ultimate Fighter, which he has doubled up as a chance for himself to train in the UFC Apex facility. He will return to testing in the USADA anti-doping pool in the coming days, before undergoing a six month period including at least two negative results before he faces Chandler, likely in Las Vegas this December.


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