“The Rock” Dwayne Johnson: A muscular hero who loves to pamper his wife, love his children

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Unlike his muscular appearance, “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson is a warm man when he is around the women he loves. His 14-year love affair and pampering with his daughter made the public admire.

The Rock' Dwayne Johnson lên tiếng về mâu thuẫn với Vin Diesel

Dwayne Johnson, born 1972 in Hayward, California, USA. From the moment he was born, the blood of a family with a tradition of wrestling flowed in him. His father was Rocky “Soul Man” Johnson, the first African-American wrestling champion, and his maternal grandfather was Chief Peter Maivia, the first Samoan to wrestle.

However, the first sport that Dwayne Johnson pursued was rugby and he quickly became a star in this field while in high school. Dwayne Johnson participated in 39 University of Miami games and helped the team to a national championship in 1991.

The Rock" làm gì để tiêu bớt 2.800 tỷ vừa kiếm được năm qua?

Had it not been for serious shoulder and back injuries, Dwayne Johnson would have continued his football career in the NFL (the men’s football league in the United States). He ended his rugby career in the Canadian Rugby League and decided to follow the family wrestling tradition.

From famous wrestlers to top Hollywood stars

Dwayne Johnson has proven his strength in the ring by winning the WWE Heavyweight Championship 6 times and the World Tag Team Championship 5 times. Fame as a wrestler put Johnson on the radar of Hollywood directors and producers.

The Rock Dwayne Johnson: Người hùng cơ bắp si tình, chiều vợ, cưng con - 1

The 7X generation actor hit the cinema with his debut role in The Mummy Returns in 2001. Then, he appeared in another Hollywood blockbuster called The Scorpion King. ) and receive a remuneration of up to 5.5 million USD.

Rolling Stone commented on him: “The Rock has a flair for action and comedy. He’s a real movie star”.

After years of finding her place in Hollywood, Dwayne Johnson is now considered one of the world’s most admired A-list stars with a reputation confirmed with the Fast & Furious franchise, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle or Jumanji: The Next Level.

The Rock Dwayne Johnson: Người hùng cơ bắp si tình, chiều vợ, cưng con - 2
The Rock is a famous A-list actor in Hollywood.

2021 is a successful year for The Rock when the American actor appears in two remarkable films, Jungle Cruise and Red Notice .

According to CNN, Red Notice reached more than 328.8 million hours of viewing, beating the previous record of Bird Box (in 2018). The Rock topped the list of the highest paid stars in the world in 2021 thanks to a salary of $ 42 million from the two films Jungle Cruise and Red Notice.

In 2018 and 2019, he also topped the list of the highest paid actors in the world voted by Forbes when his film income in these years was 89.4 million USD and 87.5 million USD respectively. .

The Rock Dwayne Johnson: Người hùng cơ bắp si tình, chiều vợ, cưng con - 3
In 2021, The Rock pocketed a total of 42 million USD for two works Jungle Cruise and Red Notice.

A warm and filial son

The 49-year-old actor shared that he was once shunned by friends, even some teachers, and hesitated to contact him because of his muscular appearance. “When I went to a new school, people saw me as a kind of plague. They even stayed away from me because they mistook this tall guy for an undercover cop,’ the muscular hero confided.

Dwayne Johnson also told many times about his family’s difficult past. The famous star’s family had such financial problems that many times they were forced to squeeze their house and car. However, now, Dwayne has become the highest paid actor in the world and always tries to make up for his parents.

The famous movie superstar once told about his poor past: “In the past, we used to live in small apartments all over the country. We used to live like homeless people from state to state. that.

The first house my parents ever lived in was the one I bought for them in 1999. About 5 years later, they divorced and many complicated things happened.

The Rock Dwayne Johnson: Người hùng cơ bắp si tình, chiều vợ, cưng con - 4

I always thought that if you have a good mother, you will be raised to be a good human being.

The Rock

Since then, I’ve always wanted to give my parents everything they needed. My future gifts to my parents are all quite special and this time is also very meaningful.

I always thought that if you have a good mother, you will be raised to be a good human being. And I’ve been very fortunate to be able to make things like this a reality”.

When Dwayne Johnson was 14 years old, his family was deported from Hawaii and went through a difficult time. In an acceptance speech in 2018, the actor recounted that he once stole steaks from the grocery store just because he didn’t have money to buy them.

The famous male artist also confessed, at the age of 15, he witnessed his mother trying to find death because of extremes. However, in the end, she chose to live on and tried to escape her cruel fate. The strength of the mother helps The Rock learn how not to give up in the face of life’s difficulties.

A warm and gentle man with a small family

In addition to her illustrious career, Dwayne Johnson’s private life also receives attention from fans. He once experienced a marriage breakdown with his first wife – Dany Garcia and had a daughter together.

The Rock Dwayne Johnson: Người hùng cơ bắp si tình, chiều vợ, cưng con - 5

I’m so lucky to be in love again. In my case, falling in love is a very difficult thing to do a second time

The Rock

Dany Garcia is the companion of The Rock in the process of bodybuilding. She planned the menu, gave the exercises and managed the work for the actor when he was just starting his acting career. However, after 11 years together, Dwayne and Dany divorced due to disagreements in life.

Currently, The Rock is living a full life with his wife Lauren Hashian and two beautiful princesses. After 10 years together, he and his partner held a simple, cozy wedding in their hometown of Hawaii in 2019.

As a billion-dollar star, a muscular, strong hero on the screen, but in real life, the famous star is as simple and warm as any other father. He spends time playing with his children, taking care of his small home and enjoying trips filled with laughter with his family.

The Rock Dwayne Johnson: Người hùng cơ bắp si tình, chiều vợ, cưng con - 8

A big contributor to his muscle loss and strong appearance is his current wife, singer Lauren Hashian. She was born in 1984 and is the daughter of the former Boston rock band drummer.

Lauren met The Rock in 2006 while he was filming the movie The Game Plan. At that time, The Rock was still living with his first wife – Dany Garcia. After The Rock divorced his first wife, The Rock and Lauren began dating.

In an interview in 2012, The Rock shared that he feels lucky to have found love again. “I’m so lucky to be in love again. In my case, falling in love is something very difficult to do a second time”.

Người hùng cơ bắp' Dwayne Johnson dịu dàng bên con gái - Ngôi sao

Lauren helps The Rock feel comfortable and happy after tiring working hours. In December 2015, they welcomed their first daughter, Jasmine. And more than 2 years later, the couple welcomed their daughter Tiana. The children’s names are all named after the princesses in fairy tales.

Many times the media and fans were surprised by the image of a muscular man kneeling on the floor to help his wife eat, take good care of his wife during pregnancy, or the image of a gentle and massive father. Holding a small child in your arms makes people feel touched.

Both times his wife gave birth, The Rock was present. His love and respect for his wife is the weapon that makes their marriage strong over the years.

The Rock Dwayne Johnson: Người hùng cơ bắp si tình, chiều vợ, cưng con - 9

The former wrestler proudly talks about his love for his wife: “She always teases me, teases me about anything. There are no limits in my house. The beauty is there. And I also tease her all the time.

Lauren Hashian also vowed to put aside her passion for singing to fulfill the role of a wife and mother, becoming a solid rear for her husband to develop his career with peace of mind.

Khoảnh khắc ngọt như đường của ngôi sao "Fast and Furious" Dwayne Johnson  bên con gái

In 2021, the 49-year-old actor revealed to the media that he and his family had Covid-19 and had to be isolated at home for 2 weeks. Staying at home for too long makes it easy for the couple to lose their temper and easily argue.

However, the famous actor has a way to make peace with his wife. That is to hold her hand tightly, look her in the eye and say: “Honey, you’re not wrong… you’re just not used to saying right”. This compliment to The Rock’s wife helps to dispel the tension and the two happily make up.

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