The mountain-high precursor tycoon took over the martial arts floor, McGregor dreamed of winning the WWE belt

(Sports news, martial arts news) “UFC madman” Conor McGregor has the potential to become a star of the WWE arena.

According to Dailymail, the parent company of UFC (the top US mixed martial arts event), Endeavor Group successfully negotiated and they acquired the world’s top performing wrestling award WWE. The WWE arena is worth around £7.1 billion, this deal makes Endeavor a corporation worth up to £ 17 billion (equivalent to VND 499,000 billion).


McGregor wants to be a UFC champion and WWE

Endeavor holds 51% of the shares, while former WWE shareholders share the remaining 49%. Both the UFC and WWE events announced on Monday (April 3) that Endeavor is the parent company of both.

UFC: This is how Conor McGregor became a bodybuilder | Marca

Group owner Ari Emanuel will be the CEO of the new company. While WWE president Vince McMahon will be the chief executive officer. Dana White retains the position of UFC President, while WWE CEO Nick Khan serves as WWE President.

McGregor: 'Đỉnh cao của tôi là ở hạng 70 kg' - Võ thuật

Immediately after receiving information that UFC and WWE now share a management unit, Irish boxer Conor McGregor posted a photo as a “semi-doubted” audience. The boxer dubbed “UFC madman” posted a photo of him wearing the UFC mixed martial arts championship belt on his left shoulder and the WWE championship belt on his right shoulder.

Conor McGregor Forces Fans to Worry for Him With Bizarre Video - EssentiallySports

The 34-year-old boxer is “a chicken that lays golden eggs” of the UFC and does not rule out the possibility that he will become a star when he moves to the biggest wrestling tournament on the planet.

Conor McGregor is the 'real deal' admits UFC rival Dustin Poirier | MMA News | Sky Sports

In the past, former “UFC Queen” Ronda Rousey switched to WWE when she parted ways with mixed martial arts.

Conor McGregor's Been 'Sauced up' Says UFC's Sean O'Malley

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