The Mayweather gang hit the council to finish Jake Paul with a deadly blow!

Mayweather called the army to beat the council, Jake Paul ran “lost sandal”

A surprising video for American martial arts fans has just been posted on March 9. Accordingly, “Lonely and defeated” Floyd Mayweather caught Jake Paul on the streets of Miami (USA) and the two sides clashed.


Mayweather (left) and Jake Paul had a collision in 2021

The Mayweather side was more crowded, and rushed towards Jake Paul. For his part, the Paul brother did not protest, trying to dodge before running for his life to escape the crowd rushing towards him.

This is not the first time Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul have collided. The source of the enmity between these two boxers came on May 7, 2021. Jake Paul suddenly collided, argued and tugged on the hat he was wearing on Mayweather’s head. In response, the legendary former boxer immediately rushed to punch and kick.

As a result, Jake Paul turned purple in one eye, chipped teeth and bleeding from his mouth. Even after being threatened with death by Mayweather, the Paul brothers had to hire bodyguards for a long time. Perhaps he still remembers the previous attack, so this time Jake ran away, not daring to confront or curse anymore.

The Great Fury – Usyk War is unlikely to happen overnightAccording to Bleacher Report, the battle to unify the heavyweight championship between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk is difficult to play in the first half of 2023. Because, the two sides have not reached an agreement on the issue of sharing.

Specifically, the Fury side requires up to 70% of the bonus and only wants to give Usyk 30%. Of course, the Ukrainian puncher disagreed. Neither side is willing to give in to anyone. Therefore, the heavyweight boxing war that the world has been waiting for is in danger of falling apart.

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