The little angel is called “Joker girl” whose beauty can’t take her eyes off

Meet Ayla Summer Mucha, the adorable little girl born with bilateral macrostomia, a rare condition that gives her a perpetually cheerful smile due to the incomplete fusion of her mouth corners during pregnancy. Ayla’s journey includes future surgery, but her contagious smile continues to brighten the world.

Despite the challenges she faces, Ayla has managed to bring joy to millions of strangers online. Ayla was born in December 2021, and so far, only 14 cases of this condition have been reported worldwide.


Her parents, Cristina Vercher, 21, and Blaize Mucha, 20, are currently in discussions with doctors about the possibility of surgery to correct her wide smile. They are concerned that her condition may affect her ability to latch or suckle.

In an effort to raise awareness and gather more information, Ayla’s parents started a TikTok account to share their experiences. They hope to connect with others who may have gone through similar situations.


Cristina expressed her initial worries as a mother and the self-doubt that plagued her. However, she and her husband were reassured by multiple doctors that this condition was beyond their control and not their fault. The discovery of Ayla’s condition came as a shock to both parents, as they had never met anyone with macrostomia before.

The details of Ayla’s surgery are yet to be determined, but her parents have been informed that the procedure will involve a skin closure with minimal scarring. They are concerned about the challenges they will face as a couple after the surgery.

Patients with Ayla’s condition are advised to undergo surgery for functional reasons as they grow older. The medical team at Flinder’s Medical Centre in Adelaide, South Australia, was initially puzzled by Ayla’s case, as they had never encountered it before and it had been missed during the prenatal scans.

BaƄy 𝐛𝐨𝐫𝐧 with perмanent sмile due to rare condition affecting just 14 people worldwide

The family shares their journey and Ayla’s adventures on social media. One particular video of Cristina dressing her daughter has received over 46 million views and garnered an outpouring of support from users.


While social media can be a divided space, Cristina and Blaize have received an equal amount of love and support alongside negative comments. They are grateful for the positive response and have also connected with other mothers facing similar experiences. They remain determined to share their experiences and favorite memories, as they take pride in their daughter.

BaƄy 𝐛𝐨𝐫𝐧 with perмanent sмile due to rare condition affecting just 14 people worldwide

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