Shocking bizarre outfits on the Hollywood red carpet

The style of some celebrities is always out of the ordinary and they choose to show it most clearly at red carpet events. Whether it’s a dress made with unexpected materials or a bold outfit that’s hard to imagine, they love to show off their distinctive fashion sense.

Lady Gaga wears a dress made of raw beef


This is probably Lady Gaga’s most unique and daring outfit ever. At the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, the American singer wore a dress made entirely of raw beef, designed by Franc Fernandez and modeled by Nicola Formichetti. She explained the dress served as an affirmation for her personal need to fight, while emphasizing her opposition to the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in the US military.

Despite receiving much criticism and condemnation from animal rights groups, this meat dress was still named by Time magazine as the top fashion style of 2010.

Katy Perry’s chandelier dress


With the theme “Camp: Notes on Fashion”, Katy Perry transformed into a chandelier at the 2019 Met Gala held. This unique dress was designed by Jeremy Scott – creative director of Moschino. It is covered with Swarovski crystals, weighs nearly 20 kg and makes it difficult for the female artist to move. However, she is highly appreciated for her diligence and playfulness in each appearance at this annual event.

Cardi B transforms into a pearl


This is an outfit created by designer Thierry Mugler since 1995. After 14 years of debut, the impressive dress has once again been perfectly recreated on the Grammy red carpet from hairstyle to style. Cardi B’s pose. Because of that attractive appearance, this is considered one of the most impressive red carpet outfits in the 2019 season as voted by Vogue magazine.

Jared Leto uses the accessory as a model… his head


One of the most daring, but also “crazy” costumes and the most “shocking” for viewers is the horror appearance of Jared Leto. At the red carpet of the awards ceremony at the 2019 Met Gala, he wore a full red Gucci suit and hugged a fake head to simulate himself, making everyone admire the actor’s creativity.

Lizzy Gardiner in a dress made from 254 credit cards


In 1995, at the Oscars ceremony, Australian designer – Lizzy Gardiner made a unique and unforgettable impression when wearing a dazzling dress, made from 254 expired gold cards of American Express bank. To explain her strange but also extremely creative design, she cleverly joked: “I’m broke, I have nothing to wear”.

Gigi Hadid with a giant coat


New generation supermodel Gigi Hadid sported a haughty red jumpsuit made of PVC material, combined with an oversized puffer jacket from Versace fashion house. With her prominence, Gigi really burned the red carpet at the 2022 Met Gala.

Male singer Lil Nas X wears a fancy dress


At the MTV Video Music Awards in 2022, Lil Nas X once again turned the red carpet into a personal stage when overwhelmed with an extremely sophisticated black feathered outfit, combined with a matching hat. feathers, looking like they were giving off an aura. The outfit was made by designer Harris Reed, making the male singer and rapper look like a “fallen angel”.

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