See Israel’s unique fashion on the catwalk

34 fashion works from talented students of the prestigious Shenkar Academy – Israel brought unique impressive colors to the 3rd night of Vietnam International Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017, held in Ho Chi Minh City on the evening of April 27.
Amir Marc’s outfit was in the top 8 of the competition organized by fashion house H&M in 2017 in the UK.

The story of life is cleverly expressed through colorful motifs


The design of Daniel Kohavi – an outstanding student – won the first prize in the competition of matching and designing fur products in Milan (Italy) in 2017


The designs that bring the cultural interference between Israel and countries such as Belgium and Ukraine are presented in a new way on traditional costumes.

"The The dynamism of adulthood through combining outfits with sneakers creates a feeling of comfort and freshness

Shenkar Academy is the leading prestigious academy in Israel, with a history of more than 45 years specializing in training bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees in the fields of fashion and cutting technology.
The fashion products of students from Shenkar Academy have helped Israel to register on the world map
In 2017, the Academy was ranked 9th in the list of the most prestigious fashion training schools by Fashionista magazine and 10th best training schools by FOB magazine.
An impressive design in the show
Outfits designed in unisex style
Unique combination of chiffon and hand embroidered details
The Academy was nominated by the Israeli Embassy in Vietnam and selected to represent Israel to present the Collection at Vietnam International Fashion Week 2017
"Session The show is not only a fashion event but also a diplomatic activity between Vietnam and Israel.

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