Reversing Reality: Upside-Down Street Art Tricks the Eye and Inspires Wonder

Certain artworks capture attention by demanding a double take, but this particular mural beckons for a different, more effortless interaction – simply redirect your gaze towards the water. It was made by Lithuanian American artist Ray Bartkus. The painting is intentionally upside down. The real order of the painting is revealed when it reflects on water. The image we have here is edited to make the experience more vibrant.

To see it in full watery glory, you’ll have to go to Marijampolė, Lithuania. The city recently hosted the Malonny art festival. The name is a mishmash of Marijampolė, London and New York, connecting artists from wildly different cities. International artists produced many works of street art.

Most of it doesn’t need a reflection on the water!


The artistry of Ray Bartkus, a Lithuanian American artist, continues to captivate viewers with his thought-provoking mural. Deliberately painted upside down, this masterpiece reveals its true order when reflected upon the water’s surface. While the edited image here enhances the vibrancy of the experience, witnessing its full watery glory requires a visit to Marijampolė, Lithuania. The city recently played host to the Malonny art festival, a unique fusion of Marijampolė, London, and New York, bringing together artists from diverse backgrounds. The festival served as a platform for international artists to unleash their creativity and produce an array of captivating street art pieces.




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