Otherworldly Mystery Unveiled: Google Earth Video Exposes Monumental Humanoid Presence in Antarctica, Mountain Gateway Revealed

In a recent discovery, a colossal alien entity has been unearthed in the depths of Antarctica. Experts propose that this newfound extraterrestrial being towers at an astounding height of at least 20 meters (65 feet), surpassing all expectations.

Although the mere concept of aliens will bring up 20 other variables to discuss in the slightest, expert alien hunter Scott C. Waring believes that this is the only explanation at hand that actually fits perfectly.

While the notion of aliens alone opens the floodgates to numerous variables and discussions, esteemed alien hunter Scott C. Waring strongly advocates that it is the sole explanation that seamlessly aligns with the available evidence. Delving deep into the enigmatic realm of extraterrestrial phenomena, Waring offers a compelling argument that leaves little room for alternative interpretations. As the mystery unfolds, the world eagerly awaits further insights and analysis to shed light on this extraordinary revelation.

After making the discovery himself he talked about it on his personal blog known as ET Database. Here he told his fans that he’s discovered a 22 meters (72 feet) entrance near what could be this 20-meter-tall giant alien.

He also talked about how the photo in itself was actually taken by a satellite so there is no way that it could have been altered beforehand. According to him, humans are very biased creatures, so seeing something of this sort just pop up out of nowhere is definitely good enough proof, to say the least. This could be a case of the popular phenomenon known as pareidolia according to NASA, aka the psychological phenomenon where people see faces in shapes of clouds, rock formations, etc., but Scott heavily disagrees with this as there is very little proof backing this up in the first place.

This is a very commonly referred to allusion on Earth, but on other planets, it is way different according to him.

He also talked about how humanity tends to ignore problems like this right up until we are faced with the problem in itself face to face. Similar to how we treated the upcoming pandemic, we as a species tend to press the snooze button as much as we can possibly do so in order to not hurt our idealistic view on the world.

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