Lost and Found: Hunter Retrieves Camera Packed with Mesmerizing Footage Filmed by a Playful Bear-011

Even though sometimes people might feel that they’ve lost their connection with nature and wilderness, it’s not like we can run away from it entirely. We all have different kinds of interactions with it. And these examples show that nature always finds a way to fascinate and surprise people. A recent Facebook post by hunter Dylan Schilt once again proved this to be true. The man shared a video where a bear plays with a GoPro camera. People online were once again intrigued by the footage starring a bear in it, so the post soon received almost 7k likes and around 1.5k comments.

The man started his post by giving some of the details that explained the almost 5-minute footage of a bear playing with the camera. Dylan is a hunter and so on his way to archery hunting in Laramie, Wyoming, he found a GoPro camera laying around. According to him, the camera must have fallen out of a snowmobile.


Dylan decided to take the camera back to his camp and charge it. What he saw was “a big old black bear” who apparently found the camera 4 months after it was lost and started playing with it. The camera that was a toy for the bear for quite some time captured some interesting and captivating shots: some close-up images of the bear’s paws and the inside of his mouth.

The video captures the bear playing with the camera and shows some close-up images of the animal

The hunter admitted that this was “hands down the craziest thing I’ve ever found!” and it seems that people online were also interested and amused by this find as they joked about this situation. What are your thoughts on this? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments down below!


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