Joyful Family Moments: Baby Bear’s Enchanting Tree Climbing Lessons with Mom

Witness the Heartwarming Scene as a Playful Bear Cub Peeks Out from a Tree, proudly showing off its Climbing Skills alongside Sibling and Mother

Eager to show off their new skills, the cute cubs tentatively made their way up the tree in a secluded forest in northern Finland.


Their proud mum kept a close watch and gave them an encouraging nudge after they stopped just a few feet off the forest’s floor.


The mother bear was teaching her cubs to climb so they can escape danger, source food or even find a place to rest in the future. The sweet scene was caught on camera by wildlife photographer Tuomo Bjorksten.


Bjorksten, 33, said: ‘There were two or three cubs – they were with their mum, practising climbing. The cubs looked really happy that they had finally mastered it.’ He said the cubs watched their mum carefully and after a while she helped to bring them down safely.



Bjorksten said: ‘It’s very rare to see bears in Finland. I waited more than 14 hours in a tiny hideout for something to happen, and the only thing you can hear is the wind and then suddenly the breath of a bear coming somewhere behind you.’



He added: ‘I was very moved when I saw the mother coming to the cub, as if to say “don’t worry, I’ll take care of you”. ‘I believe animals have feelings too – even if they can’t tell them by words. I was very excited to see the bear mother with her cubs, and I’m so happy I was able to capture this on camera.’





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