Immersive Street Art Experiences: 10 Incredible Works of Urban Artistry Worldwide

The question of whether street art qualifies as true art continues to intrigue many, but this hasn’t deterred street artists from passionately adorning urban walls with their creations.

Few people know that street art has a very long origin, in the form of animal drawings on the walls to express an identity and mark the territory of the prehistoric Indonesian community. From that street began a modern street art movement in the 1960s in Philadelphia, continuing the spirit of crystallization from such communities and for the community. Each street art work is a non-verbal expression expressing the artist’s mind and the pursuit of social change through art.


Street art is now not only unique to American black artists, but has spread all over the streets and alleys of cities from major capitals of the world such as Berlin, New York to downtown. Rats Mumbai (India), the Saen Saep Canal in Bangkok, and admit it or not, it’s an integral part of a city: a simple, accessible part that goes beyond the traditional. tradition of art to reach original freedoms. Therefore, each of the famous street art pieces below are also stories about the city in which they appear. Their very existence, to this day, is the most eloquent testament to how much urban citizens need street art.


IHeart’s work in Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada depicts a boy holding a smartphone, crying as he walks, with a “like” icon above it, comments or followers from social networks. familiar Instagram association. The boy cried because no one wanted to interact with him, a message that could not be closer than the psychology of modern people when focusing attention and being influenced too much by social networks, especially with young people. Strangely, it was this photo of the work of this Canadian street artist that exploded on social media and was shared by world-renowned artist Banksy.

iHeart is considered as one of the street artists that left a strong impression in the world. He uses graffiti to express his views on social issues, with a characteristic style towards simplicity but full of irony. The artist’s works can be found in major cities in Canada and around the world.


Faith in Women in Minneapolis, USA belongs to one of the rare famous female street artists, with a tendency to depict images and messages related to women in particular and politics in particular. Lady Pink’s style is highly reminiscent of the vivid imagination and colorful cultural backdrop of the artist’s native Latin America. Faith in Women explores the feminine version of war: a small tank crashes into a passing rabbit, skulls lined up in rainbow colors. A work that depicts chaos, rebellion, but at the same time very childish, which raises questions about the largely meaningless impact of war on nations.


It is not controversial if someone says that Banksy is the most famous street artist in the world, although no one knows the portrait of this mysterious artist. He has created many street art works around the world, from the battlefield to the streets of Europe, with one thing in common being the ability to stimulate different sources of public opinion. This British artist mainly works with spray cans and stencils, and in 2002 he painted one of his most famous paintings, The Little Girl with a Balloon, at the foot of Waterloo Bridge, London. The painting depicts a little girl in a black dress, watching the ball fly out of her hand, with the words: “There is always hope”. A bright message, perhaps very different from Banksy’s later works, this painting is all the more famous for suddenly disappearing at an auction shortly after with a hammer knock indicating someone already owned it. .


Located on Tsuen Wan Street, Hong Kong; This is one of the street art pieces of a lifetime in an Asian city. Portuguese painter Alexandre Farto (Vhils) does not hesitate to acknowledge urban structure as his canvas, but with a unique technique: carving on brick, plaster or stone. The result is detailed and highly artistic works. Vhils often explores themes such as the consequences of industrialization and the uncontrolled growth of cities around the world, and portrays the unsung heroes of the cities themselves. . In 2015, Vhils created a portrait of a worker on the wall of the Nan Fung textile factory, then the building was renovated to become The Mills creative space to recreate the poor conditions of the workers. in a harsh industrial machine.


American Pop Art artist Keith Haring doesn’t know if he ever imagined his street painting could stand on the wall in the state of Philadelphia (USA) for three decades until now, but this probably doesn’t either. too surprised with an iconic work of the marriage between street art and Pop Art. Painter Keith Haring was diagnosed with HIV in 1988, that’s when he decided to fight fate with his art. The work We the youth made in 1987 was one of the first works to be painted on the entire wall of a building in a poor neighborhood, done by Keith Haring with 14 high school students. The fun and colorful dancing drawings are still one of the most famous works of street art in particular and art in general in the world.


British artist Dean Stockon is a self-taught artist at a relatively young age. From the first drawings on paper to make … less boring, this artist started experimenting on many platforms, from small sizes like stickers to poster sizes, then finally to “giant” drawings. ” on the walls of buildings in the heart of Paris. In 2017, he made a painting called Love won’t tear us apart on a building in District 13: a man with a skull-shaped face embracing a beautiful girl, symbolizing the relationship. belongs to the past but is still present in our minds. A beautiful love story, colorful, but tinged with sadness.


Two Spanish artists Pichi and Avo are certainly one of the pioneers to create a new form of street art when combining classical sculpture, modern painting and urban landscape. Although he has collaborated with many street artists before with impressive works, it was not until 2015 when the unique street art work was erected from 7 containers, on which sculptures of Hy. Ancient Greece is recreated, with a dash of graffiti art.


Time is Now, Yalla! is an art project made in Israel and Palestine by artist JR. The idea of the project is to collect about 1000 photos a day of people in the two conflict zones. These black-and-white photographs, juxtaposed on the background of squares or on walls at the border of the conflict zone and in Gaza and Israeli cities, represent a single message: conflict resolution and reconciliation. separation between the people of Israel and Palestine.

JR is one of France’s most successful street artists, whose works can be found in many cities around the world, and gravitate towards bold themes such as commitment, freedom and egoism.


Inspired by one of the world’s most famous photographs of love: the kiss between a sailor and his lover on the day America celebrated the victory over Japan at Pearl Harbor on August 14, 1945; Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra chose a wall in Times Square itself, where the photo was taken. Perhaps because of the space and theme, the work itself is a mix of graffiti, realism and colorful graphic design that really brings out a feeling of nostalgia for generations of love and peace. Americans more than half a decade ago had the opportunity to witness. This is also a rare piece that is much larger than reality, featuring Kobra’s style with distinct colors and lines. Eduardo Kobra is one of the most recognizable street art artists in the world, with 1.1 million followers on Instagram.


“Shh!”, as the title of Hush! by Jef Aérosol (Jean-François Perroy), one of the founders of street art in France. Jef’s works have always left a strong impression because of their artistry and messages conveyed through exaggerated expressions. Hush! As a prime example, the 2011 work, near Center Pompidou and Saint-Merri cathedral, is a self-portrait of the artist himself gesturing for people to stop speaking. In the midst of the constant sounds of a metropolis, stopping for a moment to breathe and listen to the voice within is perhaps the advice everyone needs. This work is so special that people wanted to destroy it in 2014, but decided to keep it for now Hush! become one of the iconic works of Paris street art. Jef Aérosol’s works always have a red arrow, which he considers his second signature, although he has never explained what it means.

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