Hypnotized By The Rhythm Of Nature – IRIS VAN HERPEN FALL COUTURE

Amidst the digital era dominated by platforms like Instagram and video apps, Iris Van Herpen, a visionary designer hailing from the Netherlands, skillfully crafts exquisite couture masterpieces that have the power to ignite genuine laughter and delight within people.

He doesn’t just make clothes, he makes works of art that are complex but seem soft and easy. Iris, who created a collection titled ‘Hypnosis’, depicts the mysteries of nature formed from the friction of air and water, shaped like a stalactite texture resulting from natural friction, wavy like rhythmic movement of plants on the sea floor, transparent like jellyfish, but strong in silhouette like sculptures in the fragility of the smoothest material Duchess silk material.



Soulful Kinetic Movement

The design of the clothes using multi-layer techniques and the arrangement of materials pivoting in the middle (epicycle) to achieve the desired silhouette variation, almost the same technique of making lanterns from waxed paper panels.


The multi-layered flexibility that hangs naturally is dramatized by Suminagashi coloring accents, which is the technique of coloring ink that floats on water (like creating marble motifs).


The edges of the material are cut by a laser. This collection is inspired by artist Anthony Howe, who often creates kinetic sculptures in 3D cyclical harmony.


Photo: Iris Van Herpen

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