When it comes to gloves today, what image will you think of? Probably “street ninjas” – sisters wearing helmets, sunglasses and sun protection accessories. Protective gloves have become a must-have for everyone, so their luxurious origins are forgotten.

Dahan Phuong Oanh wears a high-fashion Elie Saab dress with matching gloves. Photo: ImaxTree

As the fashion trend towards aristocratic style returns, accessories associated with the regal look of royalty are once again being noticed. These are the crown, lace fan, and gloves. Suddenly, the Vietnamese fashion village remembered the lavish origins of this accessory. And the glove appears more and more with the performance outfits of the stars.

Gloves and accessories are both fashionable and practical

Gloves were born as an accessory to protect hands in cold weather in ancient times. It was not until the Middle Ages that gloves became a symbol of majesty and wealth. They are made with intricately woven lace or expensive silk imported from Asia.

By the 16th century, the glove became a symbol of royal power. Queen Elizabeth I used to have many designs encrusted with real gems, while the French royal family used perfumed stockings.


Queen Elizabeth I’s gold-embroidered beaded gloves. Photo: Ashmolean Museum

Evening gloves that exceed the elbows became popular in the 17th century. They were worn with afternoon tea or when going to the opera, hence the name opera gloves. At this time, there were also leather gloves to help protect against the sun during the day, a precursor to today’s Vietnamese women’s inseparable accessories.

In the golden age of Hollywood, gloves were always accompanied by formal evening dresses. In the 1980s, open-toed lace gloves were a favorite wedding dress because it made it easier for the bride to wear the ring on the big day.


Model Claudia Schiffer and opera gloves – elbow length. Photo: Pinterest

Gloves are back on the runway Fall Winter 2022

Designers are proving gloves that have transcended functional boundaries. Grave fashionistas look to gloves to highlight their costumes with bizarre prints or luxurious decorations. Statement Gloves can add a bit of excitement to any look, thanks to their cut-out design and lightweight mesh fabric.

At Fall/Winter 2022 Fashion Week, the glove appeared full of floral inspiration at the Richard Quinn show, and also regal at Simone Rocha’s house. Fictional transformation gloves in suede, improvised cut by emerging label Poster Girl. And be feminine in black silk with Moschino and see-through knits at Fendi .


The glove appeared full of floral inspiration in the show Richard Quinn Autumn Winter 2022. Photo: ImaxTree


Simone Rocha’s regal glove design. Photo: Simone Rocha


Bella Hadid with Moschino black silk gloves. Photo: Instagram @bellahadid


And Fendi’s sage knitted gloves. Image: @bellahadid

It girls elevate their elegance on the red carpet, stage with gloves

Since the broadcast of the Bridgerton movie, gloves have also appeared with a dense frequency in the red carpet fashion outfits of the stars.

Met Gala 2022 with a white tie gala theme admires luxurious gloves. The moment the gloves replaced the statement “the hottest accessory of the fashion season” was the image of Dua Lipa presenting the 2022 Grammy Award to Olivia Rodrigo. Rihanna wearing an Alaïa catsuit with red opera gloves on the cover of Vogue caused the search term “lace gloves” on the e-commerce site Lovethesales to skyrocket 110%.


Blake Lively on the Met Gala 2022 red carpet with gloves and a New York-inspired dress. Photo: Getty Images


Dua Lipa presents the Grammy Award to Olivia Rodrigo. Both beautiful women are Photo: Getty Images

The trend of favoring gloves as a fashion accessory has also landed in Vietnam. Toc Tien constantly chooses suits with gloves to sew the shirt of designer Cuong Dam. Si Thanh also recently chose ton-sur-ton glitter gloves with performance costumes, helping her shine on stage.


Singer Toc Tien in the design of designer Cuong Dam.Photo: Instagram @toctien1305


Gloves attached in the outfit of singer Si Thanh. Photo: Instagram @sithanh

How to wear street style “burning” the street with fashion gloves

Knowing that gloves will continue to be daily sunscreen products for Vietnamese women. But you can also try more fashionable versions for streetwear. Harper’s Bazaar suggests street style combinations with trendy gloves.

Black gloves are always easy to match


Photo: ImaxTree

A pair of black satin gloves will go well with any plain dress. For example, the Balenciaga Haute Couture Fall Winter 2022 photo series that Bella Hadid wears above.


Photo: Instagram @chaubui_

You can choose the open-finger model, because it will be more convenient for you to manipulate your mobile phone.

Thin chiffon gloves to go to dinner or party at the club


Photo: Instagram @aunecollections

Feminine chiffon or lace gloves make you look fragile. You can choose plain colors or trendy textures. The secret to conquering a patterned glove is to wear it with a solid color or matching patterned outfit.


Photo: Instagram @spella.brand

Body-hugging dresses are a very attractive choice to coordinate with chiffon gloves. You can follow the regal trend with a corset dress or a fake corset bra.


Stylish leather gloves


Photo: Instagram @dazzled_troglodyte

Girls who like biker, goth or rock style will all feel more stylish with a set of leather gloves. This outfit is very suitable for listening to outdoor music in Da Lat chill, going to a nightclub or walking the streets at night.


Photo: Instagram @aliciabethlansom

Your look will be stunning with heavy makeup, whether it’s sharp cat eyes or brown lipstick.

Lace, sparkling gloves for the feminine


Photo: Instagram @aliciabethlansom

For those who are after the cute style, these candy style gloves are the truth. Pastel colored gloves will be a fancy highlight for your outfit. But often match it with the same color of shirt, skirt or ton-sur-ton shoes so that the gloves do not get lost.



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