Dwayne Johnson, better known by her stage name The Rock, is best known for being a successful Fast & Furious movie actor. In addition to his outstanding artistic career, the actor is also admired by the public for fulfilling the responsibilities of an exemplary husband who wholeheartedly loves his children. Many people praise The Rock as a family man among Hollywood stars.

"To actThe Rock currently always receives great attention from a large audience. Photo: sina

Although busy, but always a solid support for me

With a muscular and tall body, The Rock is gentle and has a strangely warm heart. His life is a series of dense, interconnected jobs, but the actor always upholds the responsibilities of a husband and father. When the baby was just born, The Rock “caused a fever” on social networks when showing a photo of holding the baby in his lap. That warm moment was filled with father-son love, the image of a father putting his arm around his son touched the hearts of netizens.

"To actThe Rock is famous for being a sweet, warm star. Photo: Twitter

When the children grow up, the Fast & Furious actor still has a deep affection for his children as ever. He spends a lot of time playing with his children, holding and holding him in his big arms even though he doesn’t have much time. Specifically, the actor once made netizens admire when he shared that he only had about 3 hours to sleep but still hugged his children when they needed it.

"To actThe actor, former professional wrestler is close with his children. Photo: Photo: Twitter
"To actThe image of him hugging his children, tying his hair… made people “melt”. Photo: Pinterest

It can be seen that the heart of a father is extremely strong, always wanting to give his children the best. Because of his children, Hollywood’s busiest actor can completely forget about his own interests and give warmth to his children.

"To actDwayne Johnson often records playful moments with her children. Photo: Twitter
"To actMore than anyone else, he believes that the father’s duties and responsibilities are still the most important even though he is busy with hundreds of thousands of jobs. Photo: romper

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Happiness comes late but “ripe”

Currently enjoying a happy and fulfilling family life, but in fact, the Fast & Furious The Rock actor has had to go through many ups and downs. It is known that he was married to film producer Dany Garcia but did not last as long as he wanted. After putting an end to this marriage, the actor finally found the right half for him – the beautiful Lauren Hashian.

"To actThe Rock and his current wife built a home of “ten thousand people”. Photo: Pinterest

Accordingly, The Rock and Lauren Hashian dated for 13 years before the wedding. That time is long enough for them to get to know, learn and give each other the most sacred and sincere feelings. From the time he returned home to the time his wife gave birth to a child, the “giant” Dwayne Johnson still did not forget to take care of and help his wife. Both accompany to raise, teach children and cultivate lasting happiness.

"To actThe image of The Rock personally taking care of his wife little by little amuses many people. Photo: Photo: Twitter

Not only being a warm and loving father to his children, The Rock also cherishes the woman in his life. Therefore, after many years of living together, The Rock and his wife are still as passionately in love as they were when they first met.

"To actThe famous Hollywood actor couple makes netizens admire for their sincerity and responsibility to each other. Photo: Twitter

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Learning about actor Dwayne Johnson – The Rock, netizens love and admire him even more. Not only has a successful career, The Rock also does not forget to fulfill the responsibilities of a husband and father in a small family. How do you feel about this, please share with us now!