From Walls to Masterpieces: Delight in the Stunning Street Art of Belgrade’s Murals

Embark on a Visual Journey: The Enchanting Street Art of Belgrade Beckons! By keeping your senses alert and venturing beyond the usual paths, a plethora of mesmerizing street art awaits discovery in the vibrant Serbian city of Belgrade. I saw very beautiful murals in Belgrade! Not just graffiti and political slogans, but really beautiful street art.

In this blog you will discover where to see street art in Belgrade. The best places for spotting street art in Belgrade are Savamala and Dorcol , but that’s not all!

In addition to mega murals, I also discovered ‘secret’ and more hidden places with street art. You will soon see where, but first something about Belgrade itself.


The most beautiful murals in Belgrade!

Despite the name Beograd, which means white city, Belgrade has long been known as a rather gray city. And that’s still a little bit of it. You can still see and taste the Eastern European atmosphere and occasionally experience a touch of former Yugoslavia. Some buildings from the communist era just don’t make you happy. Like this one in the picture below:




Is Belgrade a nice city?

But don’t worry, because if you are in Belgrade with lovely sunny weather like me and you go out to admire street art, then the gray and gray Belgrade suddenly becomes quite a colorful and yet really nice city! And there really is color too!


Discover Belgrade

Okay, I didn’t think Belgrade was the most beautiful Balkan city (I liked Sarajevo, Dubrovnik and Kotor much better!) but it is definitely worth exploring the capital of former Yugoslavia, which is now the capital of Serbia

In fact, if you get to know the Serbian city of Belgrade a little better, you will soon find out that it is actually a very cozy and trendy city! It is not for nothing that Belgrade is becoming increasingly popular as a city trip in between. Even as a nightlife! Belgrade is also very hot among young people.

Young people, nice bars and parties on the splavs…

You see a lot of young people, there are terraces between street art and streets with nice bars. In the summer the splavs, the party boats on the Sava, which you see above, are popular. Not to mention the many street art! And Belgrade is cheap too, both accommodation and food and drinks!

"parking lot-belgrade-street-art"

Street art in Belgrade

And then the street art… Belgrade really is a Valhalla for street art fans. You don’t see it as much as in a city like Athens (tip: read my blog about the nicest neighborhoods in Athens here!), but if you know where to go, Belgrade is suddenly teeming with beautiful murals!

Belgrade is a Valhalla for street art fans!


Where can you find street art in Belgrade?

You usually don’t find street art in the most beautiful places, but in lesser-known neighborhoods of raw cities, in industrial places or in grim suburbs. In Belgrade you will also find street art in hidden corners, shabby streets, on old dilapidated buildings, in upcoming neighborhoods, at creative hotspots and in side streets that you would otherwise not easily take, but that is never far away in Belgrade!

You don’t have to go to the suburbs to see interesting murals in Belgrade!

"savamala street art"

Looking for street art

When I was back in Belgrade in August (I was there at the beginning and at the end of my tour of the Balkans), in addition to the well-known sights in Belgrade, I also wanted to discover some nice and alternative neighborhoods in (and around) the center. One of my goals was to look for street art.

At first you think there isn’t that much street art in Belgrade, suddenly you see it everywhere!


Street art in the center of Belgrade

From my stay in Belgrade on Ulica Terazije, just a 5 minute walk from Trg Republike (Republic Square), I just walked everywhere. Sometimes you have to climb a little bit in Belgrade, but it is not as steep as in parts of cities like Lisbon or Porto. In general it is fine to do.

Murals in Belgrade

I didn’t go out with a map, travel guide or plan, but just walked around on my own. Armed with my smartphone, I wandered alone through Belgrade and discovered many beautiful murals; large murals, but also smaller ones. Even though I walked no less than 15 kilometers through the city that day in Belgrade, you definitely don’t have to walk as much as I did.


Where can you find street art in Belgrade?

If you also want to look for street art in Belgrade, you can see a lot of street art in the Stari Grad (the old town) and just around it. So you don’t even have to go far from the center. To discover the best places for street art in Belgrade, I especially recommend wandering through Savamala and Dorcol. You see it a lot in these neighborhoods in Belgrade! And don’t miss Skadarlija either, it’s great fun anyway!

Savamala and Dorcol are the street art districts in Belgrade. But don’t miss Skadarlija and Dorcolmala either!

Below you can see which murals you can see per neighborhood. I took all 77(!) photos myself during my visit to Belgrade. I looked up the maker or the meaning of some works afterwards. This was an awful lot of work, I had to search many English websites and images for it, but I always find it interesting to know the meaning of it myself. A work of art then comes to life even more.


The cat below was created by Sqon, an Italian street artist. Not only in Belgrade, he also painted many cats in other countries, from Italy to Vietnam.




The murals at the end of the Skadarska were painted in the 1970s, when there were still mainly old kafanas, traditional coffee shops.


Cetinska 15

Don’t miss Cenovik, a mural-lined parking lot on Cetinjska Street. More precisely at Cetinsjka 15. This secret part in Belgrade is located at the former BIP beer factory and is also called Dorcolmala. It is a new and upcoming place to be, with alternative bars and clubs.





By chance I discovered the nice Blaznavac in the Dorcol district, a bar with a cheerful garden full of crazy things and beautiful murals.



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