From Lakers to Suns: Frank Vogel’s Winning Formula with Superstars LeBron James and Anthony Davis

Frank Vogel, the newly appointed head coach of the Phoenix Suns, exudes confidence in his ability to guide and lead a team that includes superstars like Kevin Durant and Devin Booker. Vogel’s past experience coaching the likes of LeBron James and Anthony Davis during his tenure with the Los Angeles Lakers has prepared him for the challenges and expectations that come with coaching elite talent.

Frank Vogel, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Lakers

With a deep understanding of managing star players and fostering a winning culture, Vogel believes he can leverage his knowledge and expertise to propel the Phoenix Suns to new heights. His successful track record and proven ability to maximize player potential make him a valuable asset for the Arizona-based franchise as they strive for championship glory.

LeBron James shields Frank Vogel from criticism, fires back at Lakers  players | Marca

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When asked about Frank Vogel, LeBron says players need to do better

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In his introductory press conference, Vogel opened up about how his experience with dealing with LeBron, AD and the Lakers will help him as he takes the helm in Phoenix. He emphasized that his stint with the Purple and Gold–which culminated with a championship in 2020–got him a “PhD” when it comes to navigating the partnership between a head coach and their star players.

Lakers coach Frank Vogel says LeBron's All-Star Weekend comments are 'just  noise' - Sports Illustrated

For him, that is really important as he now tries to guide another star duo in KD and Book to the NBA title.

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