Ferocious Feast: Dueling Alaskan Brown Bears Compete for Dead Whale Feast-011

Whoever said chivalry was a thing of the past? Expedition Alaska, an adventure guiding business operating out of Anchorage, captured incredible footage of two large Alaskan brown bears having it out over a whale carcass and sow with her cub in Katmai National Park.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen two bears tussle, but this certainly may be one of the most powerful showings yet.

The video starts with a large boar getting into a piece of the whale that has washed up on shore. Soon after, he’s joined by the sow and cub, and while it would be unlikely they were travelling as one happy family, the boar seemed to have no issue with the two enjoying some of the free goodness.


But when a second male bear showed up, the trouble began.

According to the video caption, the two males had been posturing and metaphorically beating their chests back and forth for awhile, but neither had made a move.

That is until the second boar decided he wanted to run up on the female and cub, either to take their share of the whale or in an attempt to get a fresh cub snack.

Mama bear does a decent job of holding her own, giving time for the cub to move out of immediate danger, but the power differential between the two is quite clear and it seems the female wouldn’t stand a chance if the fight was drawn out.

That’s when the first boar sprang into action, flanking the attacker, which allowed the sow to also get out of harm’s way while the two monsters battled it out.

It was truly an incredible display of raw power and nature at its finest, with the first boar able to run off the attacker and return to his meal unscathed.

Sure, he was probably just laying claim to that territory and mating rights for the female in the future, but it certainly is no small thing to put yourself in harms way to protect the sow and cub.

An absolute honorable performance by the brown bear.

Also, shout out to the last bear shown in the video, who snuck in under the radar and managed to grab some dinner without fighting or disturbing the peace.

That’s how you get things done.

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