Explosive fashion trend: Young people make new trends on the street

Colorful costumes and a variety of unique accessories become tools to help young Asians express their individuality.


Vogue said the epidemic has greatly affected street fashion. However, some costumes are still impressive enough to show their personality. In addition, many color combination formulas are controversial when they do not create a harmonious look for everyone.


The Vogue writer describes the street style clothing of Taiwanese and Japanese youth as unique and eccentric. Some of the typical accessories in costumes are piggy shoes and colorful cube bags.



In addition to color, many people use strange shapes to create their impressions of costumes.


Japanese youth tend to wear colorful clothes. Meanwhile, some of the costumes are inspired by cartoons.


Dressed in street style clothing, the couples opt for a uniform formula as they walk side by side. Choosing a dominant color tone is the secret to helping many groups of friends dress harmoniously, but still provide the stylish element.


Dyed hair is a popular hairstyle at Japan Fashion Week .


The combination of many textures makes the dress somewhat heavy. Bow, polka dot and striped motifs bring a nice feel, but are difficult to combine harmoniously.


Unlike Japanese youth, fashionistas in Taiwan prefer neutral-colored clothing. They create stylish accents with a variety of creative ideas.


The unique pattern of the jacket is created by joining many sleeves together. However, you should be careful when choosing accessories and clothing to combine.


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