Distinctive men’s fashion brand

A year of living in caution and safety is more than enough, 2022 is for us to be free and express our individuality. New year want to find new fashion identity? Don’t forget to visit the following 8 distinct fashion brands for men.


From the early days of development of small-medium domestic fashion brands and owning their own fashion sense, which people often associate with the name local brand , Moi Dien has been a leading brand in fashion style.

clothing apparel person human female sleeve evening dress fashion gown robe Distinctive page of the domestic fashion-loving community. Applying meticulous hand-sewing techniques (especially pleated), using a variety of sewing materials and making the most of excess fabric, Moi Dien is always the center of discussion of the community every time a new collection is released. , and certainly a huge inspiration for the bold spirit of many later design brands .

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Moi Dien is also the leading brand in applying AI modeling technology with the character EM in the Return to the Future collection.

A series of unique designs become the “face” of the brand such as Floral Sleeve T-shirt, Anonymous Shirt, Full Charge Pants, Pilot Jumpsuit, Three Gang Bag, Long Hat…


First launched in 2020, Figi Studios is a name that evokes a lot of excitement because of its intuitive design style, bringing high visual effects, very close to what people usually think of the time. avant-garde/experimental fashion. Wishing to bring a seductive, “mess” and gentle image of men, Figi Studios makes full use of the restructuring element of fashion, and tends to use feminine materials for the pages. dress. This we can fully see through the designs of Figi Bomber, Eye Bomber, Dimple Shirts, Tulle Shirts…

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With a very different fashion sense, Figi Studios is quite picky about customers, and it’s hard to imagine being able to wear any of Figi’s everyday outfits on the street.

person human art

clothing apparel person human sleeve

However, this is definitely a brand worth checking out for artists to perform, or anyone who wants to try their hand at more daring looks that express their unique ego.

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