Design the luxury of culinary fashion as couture

The biggest challenge that Nguyen Minh Cong had to overcome was how to sketch the collection (BST) of princess dresses with Southern dishes. Nguyen Minh Cong chooses his collection of cakes such as: pancakes, jackfruit leaf cake, tapioca cake, beo cake, sweet wet cake, pork skin cake and pomegranate seed dew… All are not only eye-catching, but also attractive. must be delicious to enjoy.



Designer Nguyen Minh Cong and his parents in the countryside during the holidays create a ‘delicious, eye-catching’ fashion collection

Jackfruit leaf cake


The white princess dress with an impressive deep neckline was designed by designer Nguyen Minh Cong using the main ingredients of jackfruit leaves and rice flour. The layer of rice flour, after being thoroughly stuffed, is stretched thinly onto each jackfruit leaf and steamed to create a layer of veins that looks like a textured chiffon fabric. Each ivory-white leaf is layered alternately to create a float that makes the princesses more gorgeous when stepping out of fairy tales.

Tapioca cake

Each of us must have eaten at least once a colorful and fragrant cassava cake, but we can’t imagine how gorgeous and beautiful the princess dress made from this cake is.


The 5-layer evening gown with 5 colors was meticulously created by designer Nguyen Minh Cong from supple tapioca fibers with the highlight of the ombre turning from dark to light to create soft tassels. Besides, white grated coconut fibers form feathers as the highlight to create softness, flexibility and femininity for the princesses.

Banh beo

Devotees who are in love with the green bean paste cake served with thick coconut milk will be surprised to see the extremely gorgeous dress that designer Nguyen Minh Cong took pains to cut each small piece of the triangle meticulously put together.


Dozens of puzzle pieces are layered on top of each other to look like fish fins with a layer of bean paste underneath to create a gorgeous and unique golden princess dress.

Sweet and wet cake

If you have ever been immersed in the princess dresses of designer Nguyen Minh Cong, you will surely find it interesting when the signature dress that creates his trademark Princess Princess is here. The princess dress made from sweet wet cake is used by the designer to use the flexibility, softness, and thinness of the cake layer to create a flexible and lively look. Not only attractive with two layers of white and green combined, Nguyen Minh Cong also used coconut and green beans to spread evenly on the body of the dress to create the feeling of meticulously attached stones to increase the attractive part.


Vietnam’s west cake

The large Western pancake in the middle of the pan is picked out and crispy, rolled with raw vegetables and dipped in a cup of sweet and sour fish sauce that will make everyone irresistible. However, with a uniquely designed dress from this pancake, no one wants to eat it because it’s too eye-catching.


Nguyen Minh Cong uses a layer of crispy yellow pancakes to form a skirt with the bottom of the skirt being the green color of lettuce, herbs, and bean sprouts forming a white fringe. This is one of the creations that Nguyen Minh Cong is very passionate about.

Pomegranate seed dew

The cup of pomegranate dew tea you usually enjoy every hot summer afternoon is suddenly beautiful and strangely sparkling. “Princess Princess” makes full use of its sparkle and beauty to create an extremely sexy and seductive dress. The transparency and flexibility as well as the vibrant colors of the material contribute to the elegance and sensuality of the dress.


Nguyen Minh Cong said, the most interesting thing about this dress is that the color from vegetables helps the dress to tell a story of nature in which there are clouds in the sky, young grasses and beautiful flowers.

Pig skin cake


Any girl who sees this pig skin cake at first glance will think of having to wear such a beautiful dress at least once in her life. Using spoons, chopsticks, knives and scissors as the main tools, designer Nguyen Minh Cong skillfully cuts slices along the pork skin to create beautiful blue and white plaid pieces. Taking advantage of the softness of the cake, Nguyen Minh Cong curls it to create a buoyancy and separates the cake layer to add volume to the lines to make the dress more vivid.

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