Through the interactive 3D satellite mapping program Google Earth, a mysterious structure was discovered in the Egyptian desert. This discovery is sparking a lot of speculation in the community of “hunters” of unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

The anomalous structure is clearly visible in the barren desert east of Cairo, Egypt. It appears to consist of buildings with two long, pointed ends, surrounded by mysterious circles.

This peculiar design has sparked countless speculations about its intended use. Some even believe that the structure has something to do with UFO research.




The existence of the building complex was first discovered by the Secureteam10 account on Youtube. The group describes it as “the source of videos of UFO encounters, government cover-ups and intermittent alien activity on our planet”.

Commenting on the video shared online by Secureteam10, George Gerbanas said it reminded him of star wars. While Dennis Huffman questioned whether this was the “secret UFO base” of the Egyptian government.image

However, some people are skeptical about the strange structure’s involvement with aliens or UFOs. YouTuber Adam Looze reasoned: “It’s right next to the highway, how secret is it?” Other commentators have suggested that it could be a nuclear bunker, a sand farm or an underground base or a missile test site.

Currently, Egyptian authorities have not yet commented on these speculations.