12 of Fashion Week’s Weirdest Collections

Unique and strange style is chosen by many designers to impress.


In the Contrfashion show, the model dressed in black and decorated like a witch. Their faces are covered with wax makeup to add a spooky look.


With a collection for men, this fashion house also creates equally outlandish outfits. Half of the model’s face is hidden under a thick coat, shaped like angel and devil wings.


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In the ROB-ART collection, designer Katya Rozhdestvenskaya created colorful layers like butterfly wings on a plain black dress . The models’ hair is dyed blue and tied up fancy.


The sword-like white veil was used to make Tel Aviv’s collection more unique.


The seemingly unrelated items were combined by designer Tatyana Parfionova. Blazer comes with b.ikini, flip flop and texture socks to create a unique whole.


During the performance of the Belarus Fashion Week Collective, the model had to walk in a state of full face mask.


Items with feminine designs and colors are exploited regularly at this year’s Russian Fashion Week.


Contrfashion fashion house is not afraid to “play out” by giving catwalk models with bird cages attached around. The meaning of this collection is to express the freedom of clothing in particular and fashion in general.


Designer Dasha Gauser made an impression when launching a unique cut-out dress like a combination of broken glass pieces.


The “wrecked ship” design is in the horror style of Contrfashion.


The simple dresses of Julia Kupinskaya add to the impression by allowing the model to perform with a mask.


Designer Jenya Malygina’s skirt was inspired by the creative way of folding a scarf, along with the appearance of models covering their faces with see-through chiffon, making the atmosphere even more magical.

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